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 “I just wanted to say thank you so so so very much for doing such an amazing job on our makeup for our wedding! I felt like a superstar"… 

"Thank you for such a great photoshoot! Sally's hair and make up is done to such high standards and she is very professional onset, as well as having everything considered in detail. She managed the model and was able to adjust the set to her liking as well as giving opinions on what she’d prefer to see in terms of photographs".

"It's been inspiring to see someone execute something so complex so well. Daisy and I have talked a lot about what we'd like to aim for in the future and seeing it pulled off so smoothly to such a standard has taught us a lot. Organisation, passion and respect for the people you're working with to help everyone do their best! "

"Sally Marie is kind, caring and has an eye for perfection. ... Sally recently did my makeup plus my four Bridesmaids for my wedding and it was beautiful"

"Others have took the words right out of my mouth ... “Booking Sally Marie for my wedding make-up was the best thing I did ... apart from getting married of course haha!!) she is a wonderful person/makeup artist.


'Sally Marie did my make up and my mum's for my wedding. .... Thanks a mill for what you did, you are truly a professional at your job!'

"Sally Marie did my makeup for my engagement shoot and for my wedding — both were gorgeous! She's a pleasure to be around ... You are amazing, exceptionally talented, and so patient and kind. .... I can not even put into words how amazing we all looked and felt.