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Destination Weddings

Organizing a wedding at the best of times can be stressful. But when you are planning a destination wedding in a different country where you don’t speak the language can be very challenging, so if you are keen on having someone who understands weddings, that is use to travel and working overseas and can drive anywhere even on the wrong side of the road that has got to be a bonus!.

Weddings and Travelling, is what Sally Marie loves to do and she enjoys packing and taking my kit to the most beautiful places internationally, whether it be a quaint village in France to the Scottish highlands in winter time to a villa in Playa Blanca, Lanzarote. Whatever the place, destination weddings make me very happy as I am doing what  I love and enjoy every minute of it!

Ready with her passport and visa's in hand to travel anywhere and if you think she is your make-up lady then email her with your destination or ask your wedding planner to contact her . She will be happy to be part of your wonderful day and you will work together to plan your perfect day!

In the mean time why not check out Sally Marie's blog posts on destination weddings or if you are an editor or photographer looking to collaborate for a wedding blog post or wedding magazine please email me with your specifications.


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